Lazy Snow Leopard
Snow leopard taken off endangered species list by Megan-Uosiu
September 16th, 2017, 3:39 pm

I've just heard from a friend that the snow leopards are no longer marked as "endangered" species. It means their numbers have improved a little. Thank you so much for caring for those amazing creatures and I hope you will continue helping them grow, so that the future generations too will be able to see what they look like (and for the sake of biodiversity). <3

Please remember, that it still doesn't mean that they're safe, and that our help is essential to their survival. ♥ And since they've gained a less restrictive status - even more so now.
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SoulRaider116 September 16th, 2017, 3:53 pm
This is amazing! As an animal enthusiast I'm so happy! Is it right to guess they are still a threatened species?

Poor babies have to be so pretty and floofy, and humans are evil and want to wear their skin... :(
Megan-Uosiu September 16th, 2017, 3:57 pm
@SoulRaider116: They are now marked as "vulnerable", which is still pretty rare, unfortunately.

Yes. Bad, bad humans. :<<<
SoulRaider116 September 16th, 2017, 6:08 pm

Well, they are doing better than I thought, I think. Isn't vulnerable right about the midway point on the scale? It's not quite the same scale the used when i was younger, there are more ranking on it.

I know least concern is the best one....and endangered is the worst (besides full on extinct).
Okami_117 September 17th, 2017, 12:41 am
but this may make poachers to go after them more... :(
Megan-Uosiu September 17th, 2017, 4:09 am
@Okami_117: Exactly, that's why at first I was really distressed when I heard the news.
(But of course it's a good thing overall that there's more of them than before.)

I just hope people won't get any stupid ideas because of this. D:
manatiel_ September 17th, 2017, 5:33 am
That's amazing news! Yay for the snow leopards! <3